Flinders Street Station goes Technicolour

(I'm hoping to blog about the Myki Mobile trial in the next few days, so hold those thoughts) Some time in the last few days, a subtle addition appeared on the platform screens at Flinders Street Station: a countdown to departure. This has been on other displays around the network for decades, but some clever maths was needed to get this working here, as suburban services originate here. So

Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from January 2009

Social media has been swept with the #10YearChallenge - people posting photos from ten years ago. I've been doing this for a while now, though this tends to be of spots around Melbourne, rather than personal photos. I suspect the challenge for some is even finding the photos. Anyway, here's January 2009... Flinders Street St


How long is a railway station platform?

Last Monday's meltdown soured the return of trains after upgrades on the Dandenong and Frankston lines - which included works for the Metro tunnel, and also power upgrades extensions to some platforms. So, how long is a railway station platform? Generally, as long as the trains that serve it, plus a bit for spare. There are exceptions, especially in regional areas of some countries, thou


On the buses

I've been on a break at home, having a rest and trying to get stuff done around the house. Alas, this is now at an end, and while I guess I've had a rest, I certainly haven't got all the stuff I planned done. And people telling me "nobody ever does" isn't helping. My break was timed to miss most of the big south-east rail shutdown. Moorabbin (Frankston line) and Westall (Dandenong line)


The new Frankston station

The other day I went and took a look around the new Frankston station, upgraded last year by the Level Crossing Removal Authority alongside the nearby Skye Road level crossing removal, and in parallel with Vicroads upgrades to Young Street. In a similar manner to Southern Cross, there's been an extensive renovation and replacement of all the buildings, though it does not appear to have changed