End of year blog clearout

It's the end of the year, so I'm going to clear out some blog drafts, snippets of writing, going back a bit over a year. The Great Australian Transport Dream If the Great Australian Dream is home ownership, preferably a quarter-acre block with a huge backyard, then the Great Australian Transport Dream might be free-flowing traffic everywhere you go, and a car spot right out the front of wherever y

Photos from ten years ago, Toxic Custard newsletter

Old photos from December 2008

My regular post of ten year old photos... The smiley in the sky (first posted here) Tram of the beast (First posted here) The next station is Connex Back when the trams were battleship grey, and they used obscure route numbers like 47. In December 2008 a brand new bike parking cage was under construction at Bentleigh. It would be demolished just 7 years later as part of the rebuilding of