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Old photos from November 2008

Continuing my series of ten year old photos... The coal industry trying to pretend they're good guys. I don't know if they even pretend these days... note yesterday Adani announced it would press ahead with its new coal mine, in the middle of a state bushfire crisis -- nice touch. Warrnambool holiday! This was fun. Should go back sometime. Unprotected level crossing somewhere near War

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Election wrapup

Many people have written about the state election result. I thought I'd add my two-cents worth... noting that as of Wednesday night, some seats are still in doubt. The Coalition crime fear campaign didn't resonate. The stats don't match the rhetoric, and while the accounts from actual victims could be harrowing, Melbourne is not a crime-infested cesspit. That's no comfort to those who have been


Level crossing removal update Nov 2018

Sometimes my blog posts are like buses or trams. You wait ages, then two show up in close succession. I wanted to get this out before the election: an update on the level crossing removals, a popular project which brings benefits to motorists, pedestrians and public transport users alike. In 2014, Labor pledged 50 by 2022, with 20 of those to have been completed by the end of 2018. They've actua

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State election 2018

It's state election day this Saturday, though many people have already voted: We’re up to 970,454 votes on Day 9 of early voting – 585,869 was the Day 9 early voting total in 2014. The number of postal votes received has risen to 177,572. Want to see how your District’s early voting tally compares to others? Check out #VicVotes— VEC (@electionsvic) November 21, 201

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Low bridges in Euroa

Family business took us to Euroa on Saturday. The station is on the western side of the town centre. The main street goes over the railway line to the south of the station -- Wikipedia notes that the the road overpass was built in 1960 during the first round of standardisation. The second round, last decade, converted the other track to standard gauge as well. North of the station the railwa

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Decarbonising my home

While my most pressing home renovation need is the bathroom (planning to do this the next time my sons are away on a trip), I was also thinking: Governments should be doing a lot more on climate change, but what are the major emissions in my home, and how could I decarbonise? The car. I recently bought a petrol car, because given how little I drive, I couldn't justify the cost of hybrid or e


Melbourne’s station parking problem

Melbourne's rail network already has some huge car parks, up to 1000 spaces at some stations, as many as a medium-sized shopping centre. There are more than 40,000 spaces across the Metro network, and thousands more on V/Line. Unlike in some cities, they're all free. The common complaint is that all station car parks fill up between 7 and 8am each weekday. Presumably because car parks are so