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Old photos from October 2008

My monthly post of ten year old photos... My day job had me working in Collins Street, and occasionally we'd get to go to the upper levels and check out the view. That's Manchester Lane at the bottom left, and near the top left you can just see the Shrine. Newspaper House dates from a 1933 revamp of an 1884 building, and at the time was owned by Herald and Weekly Times. The renovation also adde

The week in transport, transport

More level crossing removals?

Things have been busy, so I'm a bit behind on blogging things. A few things in brief, then the big news. Wednesday night delays Last night saw major delays affecting the Mernda and Hurstbridge lines between about 4pm and 5:30pm, impacting peak hour. This was due to a track fault at Flinders Street, and it appeared that Metro re-routed those trains to other platforms, which caused flow-on eff


Passenger Information Displays (PIDs) at stations are evolving

Just a quick post while I work on something more substantive. I want to talk about Passenger Information Displays (PIDs for short) at Metro stations. For a while, it looked like suburban stations would all be getting two line LED PIDs. They show the scheduled time, destination, minutes to departure, and a summary of the stopping pattern, but no individual stations are listed. Around


PT crowding increasing – but we can do better

The May 2018 Metro and Yarra Trams passenger load surveys were released last week. Media coverage: Herald Sun (paywall); The Age It's worth noting that load surveys are measuring what happens when the service is running as planned. It's not designed to look at crowding during disruptions, it's designed to guide future investment. Trains Here's the TL;DR for Metro: After a reduction in


Coalition pledges faster regional trains

On Wednesday the Coalition announced a pledge to upgrade all the main regional rail lines to 200 km/h, cutting travel times. ABC report: Coalition promises 32-minute trips from Geelong to Melbourne under regional rail upgrade Melbourne is bursting, we must take control of population growth by decentralising growth. The Liberal Nationals 200kmh high speed rail vision will enable this to happe

Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from September 2008

How can it be October already? It's still September in some timezones, so here's my regular post of photos from ten years ago, covering September 2008.   At Richmond station, I was probably trying to take a photo to help publicise the PTUA's discount yearly tickets - but couldn't get the ticket itself quite into focus on the old camera. Also at Richmond, one of those days when t