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The Last Post (of the year)

One last post of miscellaneous stuff to mark the end of 2017. Grandad My Grandad was born on this day in 1924. He passed away on Boxing Day, just shy of his 93rd birthday. Being one of our UK relatives, we didn't visit him much, but we did manage to see him during our UK trip this year. RIP. Some blog stats Total blog posts for 2017: 120 excluding this one. Total comments for 2017:


No Night Buses running for NYE

Night Buses are not running on New Year's Eve tonight. Most trams and trains are running all night -- and it's more trains than last year; half-hourly after about 2am, rather than hourly as last year. There are also some regional trains and coaches after midnight. Night Bus routes are designed to fill the gaps between the trams and trains -- especially the latter in the outer suburbs. Not