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Old photos from August 2007

Last day of August, so here is the latest in my series of posts of ten year old photos. (If you only want to see Transport-related posts, you can use this link, and/or subscribe to get them via email.) I think this might have been my first sighting of one of these plastic things on trams, a fitting for a Myki reader. We visited the Moorabbin Steam Locomotive Society with the kids. I don


Proposed Tucker Road bus would fill a gap, but…

Bentleigh state MP Nick Staikos has released a map of a proposed new bus route, from Moorabbin via Bentleigh and Hughesdale to Chadstone: Releasing a proposed new bus route for discussion. What do you think of this #Moorabbin #HamptonEast #Bentleigh #EastBentleigh #McKinnon?— Nick Staikos MP (@NStaikos) August 27, 2017 As I see them, the pluses: A rout


Werribee line: peak hour growth

I'm continuing to post my backdated holiday blogs. If you haven't seen it, the latest one includes a hopefully amusing epic bus ride from Penzance to Lands End. After yesterday's comparison at Bentleigh, here's one showing far more change: Laverton on the Werribee line. There's been a tremendous amount of residential growth along this line, and thankfully the number of trains has increased m


Trains in peak hour – are they increasing?

Thoughts with the friends, family and colleagues of Fiona Richardson, who sadly passed away yesterday. She got stuff done in her Prevention of Family Violence portfolio - it was impressive to see. I met her a few times when she was shadow public transport minister. I'm sure she would have shaken things up in public transport too, given the chance. RIP. * * * The Herald Sun reports (paywall)

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What I learnt about UK rail fares

My blog posts from our Britain and Belgium trip continue, but it wouldn't be one of my holidays if I didn't geek out on transport-related stuff. So here's a post on the vagaries of rail fares in Britain... or at least, what you need to know as a tourist. Buying rail tickets at home in Victoria is easy. For most trips you don't even buy a separate ticket, you just use a Myki card for any trip

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I’m voting yes.

Here's what I think about the Same Sex Marriage postal survey: I'm voting yes. The reality is that not everyone is attracted to the opposite sex. Who are we to deny them getting married if they want to? Despite how some others paint it, it doesn't harm anybody else, and certainly doesn't harm heterosexual marriages. It's not like marriage is ever purely for having children. My mother and ste

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Crossing the street in Cardiff is an exercise in frustration

I wanted to reflect on something from our recent visit to Cardiff. Some of central Cardiff is pedestrianised, which is great. Many other areas have nice wide footpaths. It would be near-perfect for walking... if at most intersections the traffic lights weren't designed to be so pedestrian hostile. It's as if the traffic engineers either hate pedestrians, or have done everything they can t

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New timetables on 27th August, as Southland Station nears completion

New public transport timetables kick in on August 27th. Last week (or maybe it was the week before), PTV released details, including full timetables for the routes affected: Metro: More trains at peak times V/Line: More choice with more services Altona Loop users rejoice! (A bit) There will be no more Altona Loop shuttles. Weekday Altona Loop services will run through to Flinders St.


It’s August! I’ve got a new blog template

Eagle-eyed readers would have noticed I've put in a new blog template. The intent was to provide more space for photos and table data. The old template (and most like it, in fact) squash them up even when displayed on a big desktop screen. See any problems? Leave a comment. Also, I'm interested to know what's better: a rotating or random header image, or the same one each time (for easy r