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Time for a Bath

Friday morning in Cardiff, yet another warm sunny day -- I was in danger of getting sunburnt. The locals all swore it was highly unusual to have this much sun -- apparently "sunburn" and "Wales" are words not often found in one sentence. Time to head elsewhere, but first, one more walk to Cardiff Bay to stretch the legs. We walked past the BBC Cardiff studios, wondering if we might spot any

Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from July 2007

Yes, it's that time when I run out of blog post ideas delve into the photo archive and post another in my series of photos from ten years ago. This first photo I probably took because I've long had a bee in my bonnet about fare gates being left open. But look how amazingly empty Melbourne Central Station looks. Okay, it was 10pm, but these days it's much busier now at all times of day and ni