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6 thoughts on “Spot the production error

  1. Stephen got it. It’s actually quite clever to remove the car door to allow the camera to move freely from the car into the house, but obviously the illusion is broken once you spot the missing door!

  2. It’s not particularly a particularly well directed scene at all. They seem to have been preoccupied with having the camera lead the guys into the building, which was awkward to achieve with it leaving the right side of the car. It kinda crosses the line too (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/180-degree_rule), so the whole shot ends up looking awkward.

  3. @Evan, I think I agree with that – it was never on a huge budget, and they were churning out 2-3 half-hour episodes every week, and often using a Cinéma vérité documentary-style of direction… so I suspect for this scene they thought it was good enough.

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