Dandenong Skyrail debate continues

There are some incredible sights coming out of the Bentleigh/Mckinnon/Ormond level crossing removal works, and I'll post some pictures (and hopefully video) tomorrow. But in the mean time, early works on the "CD9" Caulfield to Dandenong 9 "Skyrail" crossings is also happening. I don't have a big update for you, but I recently bashed out this summary of the debate around this project on Reddit, a

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Old photos from June 2006

The month is almost over - here are photos from June 2006, continuing my series of posting ten year old photos. Glenhuntly station, which looks much the same today except for additional shelter and PIDs (Passenger Information Displays). Following the works in 2016 to remove level crossings further south, many would be hoping the crossing here (and Neerim Road very close by) are done soon, but i


Bentleigh: boom gates officially gone

Major construction on my local level crossing removals has commenced. The boom gates at Bentleigh, Mckinnon and Ormond have delayed their last ambulance, bus and pedestrian. The last trains ran on Friday night, and over the weekend workers were busy taking out the rail line: overhead wire, track, signalling, ballast. And the boom gates of course. On Sunday morning there wa


What’s Melbourne’s busiest bus route?

Happy Bus Safety Week! Quick, what's the busiest bus route in Melbourne? Come Monday morning, the busiest bus route in the state will be in the southeastern suburbs -- with more passengers and buses serving it by a long shot. And it doesn't even have a route number. What is it? The Frankston line rail replacements from Moorabbin to Caulfield, over 37 days and nights from tonight at 9pm


Master of my domain… or not

A couple of experiences with online hosting services that I wanted to relate. Don't worry, I'll try not to let this get too geeky. NetRegistry domains For years I had a domain name associated with the company I owned that I used for contracting -- this is a common thing in the IT and contracting worlds. I stopped contracting some years ago and wound-up the company (I couldn

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Things I learnt about the Singapore MRT (and a comparison with Melbourne)

See also: my other posts from Singapore This post pulls together some things I saw on my on my holiday, together with information gleaned from a briefing with the Singapore Land Transport Authority (organised by chance courtesy of the Victorian Government when some of their people discovered they'd be in Singapore at the same time I was), together with information trawled off the web. MRT an

Singapore 2016 🇸🇬

Singapore day 7: heading home

Our last day in Singapore. After breakfast we headed for the pool for a while. It was warming up but not too hot, and very nice in the water. Then a moment of panic. Where had I put my room door key card? It was in my bathers pocket, and... oh. There it is. On the bottom of the pool. Fortunately it seemed intact and it still worked. We packed up our bags for the evening flight, and ch

Singapore 2016 🇸🇬, Toxic Custard newsletter

Singapore day 6: cable cars, giant lions, and lazing on the beach

We awoke in the resort on Sentosa, with one more full day before heading back to chilly Melbourne. Breakfast buffet. I totally ate too much, and I didn't even get to have an omelette (made fresh by chefs in the buffet area). But anyway, time to explore! Sentosa island has two cable car lines. One goes east-west across it, the other heads north across the water to the mainland of S

Singapore 2016 🇸🇬, Toxic Custard newsletter

Singapore day 5: Boring tunnels and resort islands

About a week before leaving for Singapore, I'd been in a meeting with some people from the Victorian government, talking rail tunnels and level crossing removals. I mentioned I was going, and asked what I should look at. Turned out they were about to send some of their people off overseas to exchange ideas with counterparts in various parts of the world - including Singapore, on a day I'd be th