The new map has arrived

As flagged earlier in the month, the long-awaited new rail map, in the works since at least 2014, has finally been officially launched. It'll show up around the network in 2017. (Click to zoom) There seem to be at least two versions: the plain one above, and a version with a grid and station index. It's over two years since we saw the drafts -- in fact this was a process started unde


Public transport is like a computer. It needs both hardware and software

Here's a thought, via a possibly dodgy analogy: public transport is like a computer. It needs both hardware and software to function properly. Hardware -- right of way (tracks/roadspace), signalling, stops and platforms, vehicles, stabling. Software -- how do you operate it? Timetables, routes (particularly for buses, which can be easily changed), traffic light priority, staff. People oft


Good riddance

Since I don't have a transport-related post ready at the moment, here's a quick one about music. I'm loving the Sonos system. I'd been warned that buying extra speakers for it was addictive, and it's true. I just got another Play:1. They're the smallest of the range, but they still pack a punch. (All Sonos speakers are $50 off at the moment, until the end of the year... help me, I don't need mo

Photos from ten years ago, Toxic Custard newsletter

Old photos from December 2006

Here's another in my series of old photos from ten years ago: December 2006. On the 9th, there was a lot of smoke over Melbourne from a large number of bushfires around the state. Here's a view (not snapped by me, I should add -- I was driving) of Melbourne CBD, taken from the Bolte Bridge. Richmond station, a day or two later: A lady reading her posse a story on the train one night.

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New stations: months later, bike cages still not open

The rebuilt Ormond, McKinnon and Bentleigh stations opened in August. Following this, the car parks all opened in November. But what about the bike cages? The answer is that they're still not open. "Parkiteer" Bike cages around the rail network have proved very popular. Some stations have multiple cages. It was a smart move to decide to include them in all the stations rebuilt as part of

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The new Bayswater station taking shape

I was invited by the Level Crossing Removal Authority to look around the Bayswater station grade separation project. This is removing two crossings, either side of the station: Mountain Highway and Scoresby Road. They're in the final stages of the major works period, with a rail shut down of 37 days almost over, the line re-opening on Monday morning with the new station available for use (but n


The new rail map is finally coming

Below you can see the current rail network map. As maps go, it's pretty useless, because it tells you where the tracks go, but not where the trains go. Looking at it, you might assume that trains run from Sunbury to Upfield -- but you'd be wrong, of course. (The latest version does at least have Wyndham Vale and Tarneit added.) Back when there were three zones in Melbourne, and you had t


Public transport fares rise in January (The things I couldn’t fit into The Age article)

Another comment piece in The Age: Myki fare hikes favour some users, punish others and increasingly encourage driving Yes, fares are jumping by about 4% in January. This is a CPI plus 2.5% (eg 3.9%) rise that was devised by the Coalition in their December 2013 budget update, and delivered by Labor. So a big thank you to both sides for that. There are numerous things I couldn't fit into

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Why is this road rule never enforced?

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know I see a lot of motorists blocking intersections, including pedestrian crossings. Here's road regulation 128: Entering blocked intersections A driver must not enter an intersection if the driver cannot drive through the intersection because the intersection, or a road beyond the intersection, is blocked. Penalty: 3 penalty units. At the