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Transport podcasts

I've stopped listening to music while I run, and instead am listening to podcasts, particularly transport-related podcasts, 'cos obviously that's a particular interest. And I'm trying to only listen to them while I run, as an incentive to keep running. Here are some I've listened to recently: The Conversation: Politics Podcast Jamie Briggs on the infrastructure needs of Australian cities

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Short Sydney trip day 3: Geeks galore

Posted 27/11/2015. Back-dated. The third and final day of my obsessively-blogged short trip to Sydney, and it was destined to be pretty geeky. After breakfast and checking out, we caught a train to Penshurst (changing at Wolli Creek, which I assume is a pretty new interchange station), then a walk in the sun to The Gamesmen, a shop we'd run out of time to visit on Saturday. It had a pretty neat

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Sydney Sunday: Doctor Who galore

Sunday! And so we get to the main excuse reason for the trip to Sydney on this specific weekend: the Doctor Who Festival. I've been to Comic-Con in Melbourne twice, but this was a different beast: 98% dedicated to Doctor Who, with little bit of Sherlock (which has many of the same producers/writers/crew members/fans!) getting a look-in too. But its official status meant this event got big guns in

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Short stay in Sydney: day one

(Back-dated. Posted 24/11/2015.) Booking hotels When I book hotels, I treat location as the highest priority. I'm aiming to make it easy to get around the city we're going to without a car. For this trip, I was aiming for easy access to: Hordern Pavilion, Sydney CBD, and the airport. Anything else was a bonus. We're talking about a situation where being 500 metres further from a railway s

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The metro tunnel will cater for single deck trains only

It's important to have a long-term plan. PTV has one for rail which is published here: PTV Network Development Plan - Metropolitan Rail -- I've blogged about this plan when it was released. Upgrades such as the Melbourne Metro Rail Tunnel and the new fleet of trains tie into this plan, and complement each other: the tunnel and its stations will be designed for the longer trains that the n

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Photos from November 2005

Leaving aside current events for a moment, here's yet another in my series of ten year old photos... On Saturday 5th November 2005, The Age got the scoop on a big report to be launched by the Metropolitan Transport Forum. The media was all over it, and caught me at Ripponlea station for a chat. I can see Nick Etchells, who still works for Channel 7. I think the other bloke is Channel 9, but

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Getting to the airport

A short trip coming up soon. Two nights away. Up on a Saturday at lunchtime, back on Monday evening. Options for getting to Melbourne airport and back, for the three of us: Train plus Skybus. About 70 minutes each way. Train fares each way $3.76 + 2 x $1.88. Skybus fares each way 3 x $18. No discount for the return leg. Skybus fares add up to $108. Return trip total $123.04 (Because my bo

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Moving 70 people

Here is about 70 people on a freeway. It was running at more-or-less full speed, though on the verge of getting congested. It was a Saturday, so vehicle occupancies were probably higher than average. And here's about 70 people in a single train carriage. It wasn't crowded, though certainly getting there. (The same number would fit into a conventional bus or small tram.) Note the spac

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Level crossing removals progressing

On Thursday the state government announced two more level crossings in their first term batch of 20: Scoresby Rd and Mountain Hwy, either side of Bayswater station. This provides some interesting challenges due to the adjacent train maintenance facility, which presumably can't be moved. The press release notes: They [the crossings] will be removed through a combination of lowering the rail line

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Melbourne’s rail viewing platform

In quiet Railway Place, North Melbourne, just south of the station, there's long been a viewing platform for rail enthusiasts to gaze upon the glory of the tracks between Southern Cross and North Melbourne. It must have at least pseudo-official status as it's marked in the Melway (map 2E, reference F1). Google Maps doesn't show it... but I guess that's in keeping with GMaps not havin