Safety around trams

This short safety video was produced for the new “GoldLinq” light rail system on the Gold Coast, which opens this year… but the tips in it are just as relevant for Melbourne.

Of course for our local ads, we’ve got skateboarding rhinos.

PS. In light of two newspaper polls over the weekend (they’re like trams/buses, you wait for ages, then lots turn up at once), I’ve updated this article from last year: What do people want prioritised? PT or roads? Every survey says PT.

2 thoughts on “Safety around trams”

  1. 1
    enno says:

    Always obey the sign ?

    So, spinning the motorbike out of control, is compulsory then ?

  2. 2
    Shell Oz says:

    Hey! Where are our surfboard racks, Yarra Trams!?

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