Cluster headaches are back

The term blog is a shortening of web log... well, this blog post is a log for primarily my own purposes, though it may be of interest to others. Seems the cluster headaches are back this morning. They often return at the change of season, but I haven't had them since about two years ago. (That blog post went into some detail about them -- and this point is particularly worth noting: no co


Train now in the top 3 methods of travel to work — ABS

I spotted this a while back, but forgot to blog it. It was published by the ABS in October 2012, but it's still worth noting: "While the household car is still the preferred method of travel to work for most Australians, the train has overtaken walking as one of the most preferred modes of transport," Mr Henderson said. "The proportion of people opting to take the train has increased from 3


The new Melbourne GPO – not as appealing as the old one, but perhaps more useful

The Melbourne General Post Office was built in the 1860s, and served as GPO until 2001. Nowadays it's a shopping centre. Australia Post moved its retail operations a little north, to the other side of Little Bourke Street, with a big (but no doubt cheaper to run) Post Shop. Now that too has closed, in favour of a new one a little further north again, on the corner of Lonsdale Street. I a

Doctor Who

Day of the Doctor

Well, here we are. Some more thoughts on the Doctor Who anniversary... Warning -- below are spoilers for those who have not seen the special episode yet November 23rd Anniversary day finally arrived. The Doctor Who 50th anniversary special episode "Day Of The Doctor" aired in the UK at 7:50pm GMT Saturday night which is 6:50am AEDT on Sunday morning. Thankfully the technology for the


FOI shows early planning under way for all-night weekend trains in Melbourne

News from London is that they are planning 24-hour Tube services on five lines from 2015 at weekends. It's tied to a grand plan which will also see staff taken out of ticket offices (in favour of helping customers more directly, for instance with ticket machines), more Wifi on stations, and contactless bank card (eg Paypass) payments. All interesting, but let's focus on the all-night trains.

Geek, transport

Some phones can read #Myki cards. Could you one day check your expiry/balance on a phone?

For anybody with an NFC (Near Field Contact)-compatible phone (such as my new Google Nexus 5), you can use the this little app -- Tag Info Lite to read Myki cards. Not that it'll tell you very much -- see below. All the actual useful information appears to be encrypted. Apparently in some parts of the world an unencrypted copy of the card balance/status is also stored, allowing apps that

Photos from ten years ago

Pics from November 2003

Another of my collections of ten year old photos, this from November 2003. This rather striking (I thought) image is from near Seymour. I don't remember the circumstances, but evidently it looked like a storm was coming across the hills. I'm working on a new blog template, to fix some bugs in the current one (yes, including yours Josh) and make it responsive (eg adaptive to different screen siz

Doctor Who

This tram is bigger on the inside #SaveTheDay

This tram is bigger on the inside: The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who is fast approaching, and fans are getting into a fervour. Normally it's only sports fans who wake up early to watch live TV. Sci-fi fans? Not so much. All that will change next Sunday morning, when the special anniversary episode Day Of The Doctor will simulcast in Australia and in 70+ other countries around the wor


Flinders St platform 11 would provide much-needed capacity – alas, they’re building a cafe instead

Regular passengers using Flinders Street Station will have noticed that while the platforms are numbered from 1 to 14, there's no platform 11. It's not a Harry Potter scenario with a hidden platform. There used to be a platform 11, the twin of 10, facing the river, and commonly used by St Kilda and Port Melbourne trains until 1987 when they were converted to tram lines. But its track was remove


New phone: Google Nexus 5, first impressions

Over the years I've tried to avoid being sucked into buying the latest and greatest technology just for the sake of it. But I must admit being keen to check out the new Android 4.4 (Kit Kat) and Google Nexus 5 phone. What would I need a new phone for? I could put Kit Kat on my old phone! Seriously though, I'd upgraded my old HTC Desire S to Android 4.0, and while it works, it's notice