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4 thoughts on “A glorious day, and a country wedding

  1. Daniel
    great wedding photo – Probably not the one they will have on the mantel piece for the rest of their lives.
    Where was the reception – in a winery??
    Rutherglen’s a great place.

  2. @Anonymous, yep we went to one of the wineries for the reception. Lovely town, though some of the locals aren’t keen on it being a major truck route… there did seem to be a lot of truck movements down the main street.

    @Jim, there appear to be coach connections about once-a-day from each of Wangaratta, Echuca and Albury. Not much else. The PTV journey planner comes up with some truly appalling options from Melbourne (including overnight stays in Albury) but about once a day there’s a good connection via Wangaratta. There is an abandoned railway through the town; I’ll post some pictures in the next few days.

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