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Nagambie’s new life-size statue of Black Caviar

On the way up to Rutherglen for the wedding, we detoured past Nagambie on family business and to stop for lunch. Nagambie's bypass opened earlier this year. Traffic between Melbourne and Shepparton therefore no longer goes via the town, and it's obvious that they've been trying to work out how to ensure some people still come through and patronise local businesses. Their answer? Black Caviar

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VCE exams – good luck everybody

I was 25 when I first had kids. One outcome of this is that my eldest son's education is running 25 years after mine. The dates don't match up completely -- the main event, the English exam, for me was on 7th November 1988. For this year's VCE, it's today. Good luck Isaac, and all of the other 43,000 students sitting the VCE English exam today. (Though if any of you are reading this b


Your local bus company may have changed

Before you complain to the bus company that your bus is late/cancelled/crowded, you might want to check that they still run the service. In August, a whole bunch of routes (including most Smartbus routes) formerly run by Ventura and Melbourne Bus Link were taken over by Transdev. Other recent changes include Ventura taking over Grenda (which includes Moorabbin Transit), and Easttrans (CD


Keep Calm And Catch Public Transport – #Myki holders from Travellers Aid

Travellers Aid do good work helping those who need a little extra assistance getting around. They have a fundraiser on at the moment: Myki card holders, for $2.50 postage and handling, and they invite you to add a donation (which I did). My sister loves the Keep Calm meme, so I got this one for her birthday: I didn't even notice before seeing the photograph -- check the crown! The


Smartbus signs – wouldn’t it be good if you could see them from the bus stop?

Having spent all that money on GPS in the buses, transmitters and receivers to get the bus locations onto electronic signs, wouldn't you think they'd think carefully about where those signs were located? Exhibit 1: Lonsdale Street, near Hardware Lane Exhibit 2: Dandenong Station (I've circled it in case it's not obvious) To be fair, most of those I've spotted are quite well located, s

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Motorcycle/scooter parking on footpaths – In a crowded city centre, this doesn’t make sense.

Some years ago I wrote about issues with the City of Melbourne policy of allowing motorbikes and scooters to park on footpaths, except in a few locations where it's specifically banned. The problem is, most of the guidelines seem to be ignored. The guidelines Here are the guidelines (see also: PDF version): DO dismount and walk your motorcycle while you are on the footpath DO en


It’s logical for #PTV load surveys to exclude cancelled services

...documents obtained by the Greens through freedom of information reveal that the positive results did not include many trains that were affected by the knock-on effect of a cancelled or delayed service. Of the 437 trains surveyed, 113 were excluded. -- The Age, Train overcrowding getting worse: Greens Here's the thing. Load surveys aren't measuring overcrowding for the sake of measuring ov


A day at the races

Perhaps a day at the races with the right skills and knowledge could be quite profitable, but for me (first time in over a decade), it certainly wasn't a money maker -- it was about the company. Quite a glorious day, relaxing, standing in the sunshine, chatting to the blokes I was with, pondering horses and bets, and watching the races as they happened. For the record: $45 entry. (You