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CFLs – an everyday household object that is almost impossible to dispose of properly

The entire country converted to Compact Fluorescent Light-globes years ago, which is great, as they use much less energy and have a longer life. Well, if you use them properly. For instance I don't use CFLs in the bathroom/toilet, as these lights are generally on for short periods of time, and CFLs are better when used for 15 minutes or longer. And the greenhouse gas reduction might be overs

Politics and activism

More party political propaganda disguised as “voting information” #AusVotes

Look, if you're going to send around party political propaganda, you should at least have the guts to not disguise it as something else. This arrived in the mail yesterday: ...and inside was this: I note that in their brochure, they're still using the rail icon, despite repeatedly proclaiming that they will not fund urban rail. This sort of thing is not quite as bad as their data ga


Bay ferry proposals – politically appealing, but not very useful to people

While the East-West tunnel has got a lot of attention, another questionable transport project is lurking in the background. Every so often someone will take a look at cities with ferries and conclude that Melbourne needs them too, despite the radically different geography to somewhere like, for instance, Sydney or Brisbane. And they forget that for transport options to be useful, they need t


The lump

I've got a small lump on my thigh. Not painful at all. Probably harmless, the GP said, but he wrote me a referral to get it removed. He asked if I private health insurance. Nope. I gave it up several years ago. It cost me thousands each year (and increasing) and rarely paid out anything at all. He gave me a little lecture, along the lines of "You insure your house, your car... why not your h


Another wisdom tooth bites the dust

I had a second wisdom tooth out on Saturday -- bottom left, the counterpoint for the top left which I had extracted back in 1998. The dentist had said it was best it came out now. It was moving upwards anyway, due to no pressure from the top left one. Worse, cleaning around it was becoming an issue, so I risked damage to the next (more useful) tooth along. This time, no particular issues --

Photos from ten years ago

Ten years ago: Pics from August 2003

Another in my collection of photos from ten years ago... Murrumbeena, in the days of M>Train. I quite liked the logo and slogan ("Moving Melbourne") -- less sure about the colours, and of course the splitting of the network into different operators was silly. 2003 was probably the best fall of snow at Mount Donna Buang that I've ever seen. A 360 degree (and a bit more) pan from the sn


My local station’s dodgy #Myki reader – out of service at least 17 times since 2010

How often does the Myki reader in the middle at the main entrance to Bentleigh station break down? Thanks to my archive of Tweets, the answer is: at least seventeen times since the start of 2010. Two of three #Myki scanners at Bentleigh stn this morning were inoperable, displaying this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/danielbowen/4544311585/— Daniel Bowen (@danielbowen) April 23, 2010

Home life

Live-blogging the plumber

Drain has been blocked for a while. Sometimes it clears itself. Not this time. I couldn't find the plumber's details from last time, and ended up ringing Drains Direct. (How could I blog the plumber's visit, yet not keep track of his contact details? How stupid of me.) 8am. Plumber arrives. Wants to look at sewerage plan. Fair enough too. Why did I not think to have this on hand? Plan sho