#RoadMorons Award Of The Week goes to…

…this person, who ignored the convention to keep left of the white line in Flinders Lane, and came up against this tram coming around the corner.

Friday lunchtime: eastbound tram meets westbound car

The tram actually had a fair pace making the turn — luckily it stopped in time to prevent a collision.

The motorist backed out of the lane, and hopefully learnt a lesson.

The car backs into the correct lane, and the tram continues on

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3 thoughts on “#RoadMorons Award Of The Week goes to…”

  1. 1
    malcolm says:

    line markings look pretty clear to me – http://goo.gl/maps/nBTJt

  2. 2
    William says:

    you just need to look at the back of his car to get some sort of idea

  3. 3
    Tom the first and best says:

    Keeping to the Left of the while line is not just convention, it is the law.

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