Remove zone 2? Not necessarily a good idea

A regular suggestion that pops up is that Melbourne's zone 2 should be merged with zone 1, making the whole metropolitan area a single zone. No surprise that everybody wants cheaper fares... but is it a good idea? No shortage of footy fans on the trains on ANZAC Day, in part thanks to discount fares -- but the crowds weren't well-handled after the game Pros Price cut: The biggest ben

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Last night’s AFL match result – nowhere to be found in The Age paper edition?

I get The Age delivered on weekends. On Saturdays in particular it's good to lazily read its numerous sections in the morning. So I picked it up wanting to know who won the football last night: Richmond or Fremantle? I just want to know if I tipped it right. Sometimes they have the score on the front page. Not this time. OK, so I flick to the Sports section. Not on the cover of that eit

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Some ANZAC Day thoughts

Passchendaele This report from last night's ABC TV news is well worth watching: Western Australian students visiting Passchendaele, and taking on the roles of real WW1 soldiers for a day. The emotional moment in the story is as the connection with their forebears is really nailed, when late in the day, they learn of "their" soldier's fate. Video: WA teens relive Anzac journey Radio ver

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The language of disasters: active shooter, WMDs, robocalls

Tragic events in Boston last week. Being quite interested in language, a couple of things about the use of words caught my eye as events unfolded. Active shooter This is something I've noticed before, during all-too-often incidents in the US: the term they now use is "active shooter". In this case it was at MIT, where a policeman was killed -- it's suspected by the bombers.

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A few photos

Some pics from around the place in the past week or two... Train delayed at Southern Cross? Maybe you can catch a hot air balloon instead: Yes, Metro does have diesel engines -- and this one is not used on the Stony Point line. It's part of a special train for inspecting overhead wires: "Advertise your business here" say the banners at Ormond station. Looks to me like someone decided

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Want roadside assistance but don’t want to fund RACV’s lobbying? Plenty of alternatives – cheaper too

This has come up again since RACV are resisting the removal of a lane of traffic on Princes Bridge to give cyclists more than the part of a busy footpath and the mere sliver of roadspace they have now: What alternatives are there to RACV road service? Because if you disagree with the RACV's stance on transport issues, why help fund their lobbying? With thanks to Brad McCluskey, combined


The past and future of retail

In one lunchtime walk yesterday, I saw both the past and future of retail. "As seen on TV." Seriously, they still use this tagline to hook people in? Does it still work? It's never the name-brand products which used this -- always the slightly dodgy ones. I walked past this display twice, and saw nobody actually looking. Perhaps they do when there's a shouty person with a microphone spruiking i


#HighSpeedRail may not happen anytime soon, but it’s critical that the corridor be reserved

The Phase 2 Report from the High Speed Rail study was released last week -- predicting that although HSR would cover its recurrent (running/maintenance) costs, it'd first take some $114 billion and 45 years to build it. As I've said before, I think a 3-ish hour trip from Melbourne to Sydney would be time-competitive with flying. $114 billion is obviously an incredible cost, and taking decade

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The week in house maintenance

It was house maintenance week this week. I took a couple of days off to do some de-cluttering and get some people in. Hard rubbish got rid of two old mattresses, three former recycle bins, a big plank of wood, an old fan and two disused old bicycles. Amusingly, between putting stuff out/booking the collection and having it picked up, one bike disappeared, then came back, then the second went. On