Thank goodness that scientists aren’t warning of any kind of permanent warming of the climate that might prove, y’know, dangerous — otherwise a record-breaking run of hot days might be a tad alarming.

Thank goodness scientists aren't warning the climate might get so hot it'd be dangerous.... oh, wait.

One shouldn’t jump to conclusions of course. As Jon Stewart quipped:

“Global warming is a total hoax. And I’ll tell you how I know. Because it’s cold, today, where I live. That’s jus’ science.”

…and the opposite applies.

I don’t know if this record run of hot days is some freak weather event caused by something else, or a demonstration of how climate change manifests itself. But at the very least this record being broken should be a warning of what’s likely to keep happening into the future as temperatures rise.

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7 thoughts on “A record 9 days above 30 degrees

  1. Yeah, a lot of records have been broken. Doesn’t look like “one off” events. Maybe there is an underlying cause (eg humans!)
    PS What a dreadful shot of Livinia Nixon. Looks like she’s melting in the hot weather.

  2. Only alarming if you forget how cold December and January were. I suspect the average summer temperature has been comparatively low.

  3. I still remember the old ABC weather reader pouring a glass of water over himself during one hot spell at the old ABC studios in Elsternwick.

  4. @Curveman – Even if December and January had been cold (I was away for most of them) don’t you think the fact that summer had seemingly been pushed back 2 months would be alarming?

  5. My husband is a meteorologist and is always sadly shaking his head. If only we could make Andrew Bolt run a marathon on every day that is over thirty degrees and donate the money he makes from his blog to, um, solar panel installation and rain water tanks….?

  6. @Curveman, I happened to be looking for some other weather stats, and found this, for Melbourne:

    Mean for January (for the years 1855-2013): min 14.3, max 25.9.

    Mean for December (1855-2012): min 12.9, max 24.2 — Source:

    Mean for January 2013: min 16.0, max 27.3 — Source:

    Mean for December 2012: min 15.1, max 25.7 — Source:

    So both January and December this summer appear to have been warmer than average.

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