Why are #MetroTrains cancellations rising? Is it because the government skimps on signalling?

Mr Lezala also took a swipe at the State Government for failing to invest properly in signalling. "We have new signalling systems here ... with no redundancy in them so when we get a thunderstorm it fails - brand new systems - because we didn't have enough money to build redundancy in," he told a Metro breakfast. "I think Treasury need to take that one, actually, because you get what you pay


Some thoughts on PTV’s rail wishlist, umm I mean Network Development Plan

I had been writing a blog post about proposed rail lines, and even went to the trouble of drawing a map of what was known about the various proposals floating around. Yesterday a very detailed PTV Network Development Plan for the rail network was released with lots of much prettier and more comprehensive maps. The portents of its release have been there. In the past few weeks, several studies i

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My retro iPod

I just realised my iPod is nearly nine years old. That's an age in the world of computers and electronics... does that make it a retro item? It's a third-generation iPod, back from before they had silly features like apps, movie playback, and colour screens... And yes, it's still going strong, though admittedly most of its use is at home in its cradle, playing music into the stereo. And

Going green

Going solar – when should I jump, and how many panels?

Pondering adding to the solar hot water on my roof with PV panels for electricity generation. My last electricity bill says I used up 659 kWh in 92 days, costing $187.61 (only including the cost for power and the 100% GreenPower surcharge; excluding the $76.41 service charge which I'd incur no matter how much power used)... that adds up to 2614 kWh in a year costing $744.32, or about 28.5 cents


How many errors can you find in the Parkiteer map?

Parkiteer is a good programme... from my observations, more and more people are using it for secure bike parking at stations. But how many errors can you spot in this bike cage map that has been appearing in MX for the past few weeks? "Glen Waverly" spelt wrong "Glen Waverly" in the wrong spot -- it's actually north of the Dandenong line Cranbourne/Pakenham lines have been strung t


Should parking at Melbourne railway stations be free?

Here's something I didn't know: Perth's Transperth transport system has some paid parking, and you can pay for it with a Smartrider card. Pay 'n' Display car parks are also fenced, but are patrolled by car park attendants between 7.00am and 9.00pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. A flat fee of $2.00 per day, or part thereof, applies. -- Transperth web site Bear in mind that pr

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My late father’s account of the Murdoch-owned “Sydney Mirror” story in 1964 that led to a suicide

In looking through my late father's papers, I found the following, which he wrote about an incident on Rupert Murdoch's Sydney Daily Mirror in the mid-1960s. I found it fascinating in light of the News Of The World controversy that was uncovered during 2011, though of course one should not jump to conclusions about the practices in the 1960s versus more recently, particularly at News's current


How long does it take to top-up cash onto a #Myki card? 1-2 mins? No, about 30 seconds.

One of the reactions to the news of top-ups on buses was that it would slow down buses because top-ups take too long. Some people claimed it can take well over a minute to do a top-up. I was doubtful about this, so I tried it. I used a note and a couple of coins (as it will be on buses -- cash only) and filmed it. I make that about 30 seconds. Perhaps it would have been quicker if I was


#Myki topups coming soon to buses (but will they avoid the issues of slow transactions and security?)

Leader Newspapers is reporting that Myki topups will be allowed on buses from next month. A maximum of $20 will apply. Well, that's about time. This is good news for passengers. Firstly, it means the Myki consoles will be activated, with Metcard equipment removed. The coexistence of the two systems has caused a lot of glitches, particularly crashed readers unable to be easily restarted,