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4 thoughts on “Meteor & asteroid on the news – it’s like Doctor Who when they have the fake news bulletins

  1. I can’t believe the coincidence. At the same time the scientists were telling us not to worry about the asteroid, along comes a meteor which harms 1,000 people.
    An episode of Dr Who is more believeable.

  2. Okay Enno and rodger, you seriously think there’s a scam going on? Meteors are entering the atmosphere on a regular basis and some do make it through with some kind of regularity and the meteor that hit russia was thousands of miles away from the Asteroid that passed by the earth (So far away that no scientist anywhere was worried because the moon is pretty damn far away) its only a coincidence and not really one I see as unbelievable…. And the 800 people that were hurt got injured from debris like glass and stuff falling over.

  3. And there was a Zombie report recently too. This all sounds like Derren Brown: Apocalypse (not that I believe in his NLP methodologies).

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