Guess what? Another Myki stuff-up: “New” cards may expire within months

Another Myki stuff-up has been found. Myki cards have a four year lifespan. With many cards bought in Geelong in late-2008 and early-2009 now expiring, a number of users are getting replacement cards. Some are going back to the original retail outlets, post offices in Geelong and Corio, and buying new cards (the cost of which can be refunded as part of the expiry process). Lo and behold,

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Happy Australia Day (on the trams)

Happy Australia Day. While I cringe at the "bogan display" in the supermarket selling Australian flag caps, t-shirts, capes, stubby-holders and so on, I quite like the (in comparison understated) flags that have appeared on the trams during the week. My recollection growing up is of small flags in this position on the W-class trams, though I don't recall if it was all the year round, or


Which are the most crowded carriages in a train? Typically, the middle ones.

PTV yesterday released the results of the October 2012 train load surveys. These are primarily to measure how crowded trains are, against the 798 benchmark (which is not a capacity figure). Overall most lines are improving or about the same, the exception being the Dandenong and Werribee lines, both of which are becoming more crowded. One of the side-effects of counting all the people on a t


The Java problem

I'd normally post something like this over on, but it's worth mentioning here. Java has suffered from a series of serious vulnerabilities, the most recent found just a couple of weeks ago. This article makes a good case for removing it completely from your computer: Is Java the root of all evil and can you really live without it in the browser? I need to verify I don't need i


Known Myki bugs, and all the other things they should fix

In discussion the other week, the topic of what they should fix with Myki came up. You know, ignoring the imagined problems. But first I want to mention the known bugs... that is, leaving aside "by-design" flaws and issues such as bus/tram incorrect zone detection hopefully likely to be resolved by the end of Myki's headless mode. Known bugs in Myki Myki Pass Retail Console Bug. There

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How to find the transport mural at Southern Cross Station

Before you go looking for it, be sure to read the updates at the bottom. The gigantic transport mural was perhaps one of the best features of the old Spencer Street station. By Harold Freedman, it depicts the first century of Victoria's transport -- from 1835 to 1935. It was commissioned by the state government in 1973, and unveiled in 1978. Following the rebuilding and (pointless) renam


Unwanted Myki cards: new collection bin at Skybus terminus

It's not refundable, but you can now "return" unwanted Myki cards -- apparently they're donated to charity (though it's not clear if this means the cards themselves, or the balance from them). I wonder how many get handed in? Of course, people who host visitors can always keep the cards to share/give to others. (Tipoff: Matt McBride)