Domain tunnel closed. Gridlock? What gridlock?

GRIDLOCK will begin to choke Melbourne's roads from Friday night, but the full impact of bridge and tunnel closures for maintenance won't bite until the New Year. Motorists are being advised to steer clear of the city, or they could experience delays of up to an hour. -- Herald Sun: Traffic chaos expected as West Gate Bridge and CityLink tunnels close, 26/12/2013 Oh noes! The Domain tunne

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Christmas wrap-up

Christmas Day was largely spent with family, eating too much, playing with a giant cushion-like water balloon (which burst when, tragically, nobody was watching/filming) and swapping presents. Our haul this time around included a Wii U, which should be fun, and for my own personal stash I got some great movies on Blu-ray (Help, and The World's End), a rather nice framed original artwork, an exc

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A case to keep my shiny new phone safe

My new Google Nexus 5 phone is going very nicely, thanks very much. But I was pondering getting a case for it. The last thing I'd want is for it to be dropped and damaged. Fortuitously, the good people at MobileZap asked me if there was a product on their site I'd like to review for them. Why yes! Thank you! MobileZap stock lots of accessories for phones and other devices such as iPads, w


Working? Christmas shopping? Fewer trains running today. #MetroTrains #SpringSt

Just a reminder that as noted last week, there are reduced train (and tram) timetables running from this week until Australia Day. For my fellow Bentleigh people, I've marked the weekday cancelled trains for you: Basically for us on the Frankston line, train frequencies are halved at most times of day on weekdays for the next five weeks. Despite being politically sensitive, the Frankston


Holiday timetables – “Turn up and go” becomes “Turn up and wait”

Much has been made of Metro's scheduled cancellations over the next two days to try and deal with extreme heat -- in particular they're citing speed restrictions on the faster part of the network, which will have speed restrictions. It'll be interesting to see if they can stick to this plan, or if the whole thing (to coin a phrase) comes of the rails tonight. Hopefully the upgrade work done



Definitely in the category of First World Problems... When you order something online... ...and you get it sent to home rather than work because it's a bit bulky... ...and you aren't home when they try to deliver it... ...and they don't take it to a Licenced Post Office which is open on weekends... ...and they don't take it to a regular Post Office with a pre-9am pickup window...


Public transport fare changes next year – will they have unintended consequences?

Most years there's a public transport price rise. This year it's a little more complicated - a number of other changes have been announced. The Budget Update delivered on Friday included some tweaks to the fare system. But they may have an unintended effect on patronage. Fare increases A number of changes will be made to public transport fares to ensure continued improvements in servi


Train window ads – what about visibility?

I'm not against advertising on public transport. It brings in much-needed revenue and helps subsidise services. But it shouldn't be intrusive. Bus and tram passengers have had to get used to ads on windows of vehicles over many years, but it's only in the last couple of years that it's become prominent on trains. It seems to be applied with a semi-transparent film. Generally they seem to


“People should be able to choose their mode of travel”

"RACV has a very clear view that people should be able to choose their mode of travel and not be confronted by artificial policy directions that constrain particular modes of travel... -- RACV spokesman Dave Jones, Herald Sun 9/12/2013 Yes, it'd be awful if artificial policy directions prevented people choosing their travel mode. Policy directions such as transport provision skewed almost