The removal of short term tickets will bring four distinct hurdles to casual public transport use

From December 29th, a month from today, basically all metropolitan public transport will require a Myki card, following the government decision in June 2011 to not implement short term tickets. I expect regular users will adapt. Most of them already have. It's the occasional users (and that includes locals as well as tourists) who will have four significant barriers to using the system.

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Tracking Southland station: any progress since the 2010 election?

Southland station makes sense. The rail line runs adjacent to the west side of the centre. It's the kind of destination midway along the line which can boost patronage (eg get people out of cars) without putting pressure on peak hour services. "But..." FAQs It's too close to Highett/Cheltenham! -- no, it'd be about 1.2km to Highett, and 1.1km to Cheltenham, making the spacing similar to


Why doesn’t Myki online topup happen instantly?

Update: Since 2016, Myki top-ups have been sped-up, and are now done within about 90 minutes. This is a question that seems to come up continually, and from what I hear, the Myki Call Centre aren't covering themselves in glory in trying to explain it: Why does Myki online topup take 24 hours or more? Why isn't it instant like other services? It doesn't necessarily take that long. They


Charity auction: Travel like it’s 1999 – buy this pristine unvalidated Zone 1 Metcard

Back in June, when you could still buy unvalidated Metcards (eg at railway stations) I bought a Zone 1 adult daily and popped it away. I am now selling it for charity, either for those of you who want to take one last train ride with one (yeah even though you can still buy one on a bus or tram) or people who want an unvalidated Metcard for their ticket collection (and were foolish enough not to


Unvalidated Metcards can no longer be used if you can’t find a station validator

At railway stations around Melbourne, they've started removing Metcard validators as part of the final switch to Myki. In some cases, some station entrances have no Metcard validator at all now. In theory this doesn't affect many people, as it's been several months since multi-trip Metcards were sold, and also since unvalidated single trip Metcards were sold. You can now only get Metcards on tr

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The fuzz!!

From my sister's "Best of British" birthday party in October. I used to love The Bill (before it went all soapie), so I thought I'd go for it. I didn't know until we were had all arrived that my cousin Justin and his girlfriend Valerie had the same idea. We've had the toy helmet sitting around for years. The top was a $7 safety vest I decorated with a home-made stencil and spray paint. The


Car trouble – just when I needed it (of course)

Last night's skyline from the country: It's not often I have to be urgently somewhere in the car, but it was the case yesterday. "Don't be late!" I'd been (lightheartedly) told. It's not a trip that is completely impossible by public transport, but with only three trains a day, and the first of the morning getting me there 45 minutes late, that wasn't an option. It had to be a trip made

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A little bit of history: cash railways (not the usual type of railway I post about)

I'd been told this segment was coming up on Coxy's Big Break, and it finally aired on Sunday: a look at the cash railways at the shop I worked at part-time as a teenager, Hattams in Elsternwick. Apparently these are some of the few still working cash railways in Victoria. They were common in medium to larger shops early last century, as a way for money to be relayed to a central cashier, and ch

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According to iOS6 maps, North Melbourne station is in South Melbourne, Collingwood Station is in the CBD

In the Apple Store at Southland the other day, I noticed they had all the iDevices maps set to satellite. It wasn't hard to see why -- it took all of a minute or two to find some glaring errors in the street maps. It's not just that tram lines are completely missing; they've put whole railway stations in the wrong suburbs. It's been well over a month since iOS6 was released... I