Lovely Camberwell station saved from re-development (and DDA compliance)

Thank goodness Camberwell station has been saved from re-development. The project has been shelved, so it will remain as lovely as it is today: The superb vistas from Burke Road will be preserved: will the views from the platforms: The ramps will remain non-DDA compliant, helping to maintain its exclusivity: The car spots, providing parking for a lu


Shiny discs

CDs recently turned 30 years old. I first got a CD player in 1988, when they fell below $200 for the first time. It was a CDC brand player (made by Teac), for which I trekked out to KMart at Box Hill. It worked for fifteen years, until 2003 -- though its replacement didn't last that long. The first CD I bought back in '88? Abbey Road. I don't recall the subsequent early purchases, but I k


Every bomb you make / Every job you take

I'd forgotten this. A version of The Police's stalker song Every Breath You Take -- with new lyrics written by the Spitting Image team and sung by Sting. (Don't be put off by Youtube's preview frame -- it's not just a credits roll.) There is some good stuff loosely in this genre these days, but I'm not sure we've got the level of no-holds-barred satire that Spitting Image and even our own G

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As a pedestrian, I hate streets with only one footpath

The Greens are traditionally strong on sustainable transport issues, but one of the local candidates for council raised my hackles with this comment: Do we really need footpaths on both sides of the street, in every street in Tucker Ward? There are plenty of places without footpaths or footpaths just on one side. This would save a whole lot of concrete / resources and it looks much better. -

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Almost election day for local councils

Just a few notes about the council elections, which officially take place on Saturday (though many areas are postal ballots, thus a lot of people have already voted). A fascinating article in The Age the other day with former Glen Eira mayor Helen Whiteside saying she wonders why people bother trying to get onto the council. It doesn't seem to have deterred the candidates, of course. One

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Halloween approaches

Just after I moved to my current address, I noted that some of the local kids went Trick Or Treating for Halloween. It's been the same in subsequent years, and I fully expect the same next week. I've decided that while I'm not into cultural imperialism and the adaption of American traditions to Australia, this is something I'm happy enough to support on the basis that it's a good way to meet so

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PT fare discounts you may not know about

From a conversation with my sister, an occasional PT user, I'm guessing there are some discounts around the place that people don't know about. The good news is that with Myki being forced down everybody's throats, if you can get over the hurdle of getting a card (now $6 full fare, $3 concession), it's easier than ever before to get the discounts. This is just a summary, and is aimed at Mel


Councils give warnings about overhanging trees blocking footpaths – why not parked cars?

From the City of Glen Eira web site: Property owners are responsible for keeping trees and shrubs under control and trimmed back to ensure pedestrian safety and clear sightlines for drivers. ... If a Council notice is sent requesting that trees or shrubs be trimmed, the work must be completed within 14 days. ... Property owners who do not comply with a notice within 14 days will be issu


Pulse timetables come to Melbourne (and why it’s important)

In November the Sunbury extension to the Metro network opens, which will increase services to Sunbury and Diggers Rest -- every 12 minutes during peak, which is pretty good, and every 40 minutes outside peak and on weekends, which... isn't (but is still an improvement). Here's the neat bit: a bunch of local buses have been re-organised to meet the trains: routes 481, 485, 486, 487, 488 and