I am standing down as PTUA president on October 11th

Yes it’s true. I have decided not to renominate as the PTUA’s President, and will stand down at the Annual General Meeting on October 11th.

The Age: After almost a decade, Melbourne’s chief public transport complainer has finally had enough.
PTUA: PTUA President to step down

Basically, after nine years, I need a break.

It’s been fun, but all good things and all that. We’ll find out who will take over at the AGM — nominations aren’t due for a couple of weeks, but my assumption is that current secretary Tony Morton will nominate.

I’m still interested in transport issues, of course, and I’ll keep tweeting and blogging on them.

If you care about public transport, the PTUA committee always needs and welcomes active new members. Join up, come along to the AGM, and get involved.

Update Thursday

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15 thoughts on “I am standing down as PTUA president on October 11th”

  1. 1
    Charlotte says:

    All the best for the future! Do you take offense to the Age calling you a “complainer”?!

  2. 2
    Brian says:

    Daniel, your link to The Age has two URLs so is incorrect.

  3. 3
    enno says:

    “Chief complainer” sounds a bit harsh. Advocacy isn’t just about “complaining” !

  4. 4
    Andrew says:

    Your successor will have large shoes to fill.

  5. 5
    Kat says:

    Daniel, thanks for all the work you’ve done. I can’t speak for everyone but I’m pretty sure countless of us PT users appreciate your efforts :)

  6. 6
    Daniel says:

    Thanks everyone. (And thanks Brian — fixed.)

  7. 7
    tonyinjapan says:


    Thanks for all your hard work: “otskare sama deshita!” as they say in these parts.


  8. 8
    Geoff says:

    Thank you Daniel. You have done a great job. A REALLY great job. You should feel very proud.

    I hope you will continue with this blog?

  9. 9
    David says:

    A+ for effort

  10. 10
    Roger says:

    Yes, Complainer is not fair since you are very constructive.
    Well done on devoting much of your life to a great cause

  11. 11
    Cameron says:

    Congratulations Daniel, it scares me to think what kind of state the public transport system would be in if it wasn’t for the work of the PTUA and your amazing devotion to the role over the past 9 years. I look forward to continuing to read your blog for many years to come.

    Thanks again!!!

  12. 12
    Jed says:

    I’ve learned so much useful and interesting imformation about the public transport system (and Melbourne in general) from reading your blog almost daily. This was a great help with settleing into my new city and country over the past four + years I have lived here. I’m glad that you will still continue with your interest in improving the transport system. Goodonya.

    By the way I have passed my citizenship test and I will become an Aussie citizen as soon as I am notified when and where my group ceremony will be held.

  13. 13
    Tim Chuma says:

    Good job, all the best for the future. You should do a montage of every time they spelled your name wrong.

    I worked at the Department of Transport earlier this year making accessible versions of PDFs and actually read what was in the documents for once. The tram/train to Doncaster is never going to happen.

    Not enough capacity on the Dandenong/Frankston line to expand the port facilities at Hastings or do a train to Rowville either.

    The Footscray to South Yarra tunnel will take at least 15 years to finish and need federal funding (the Eddington report figures are from fantasy land.)

    Citylink and Eastlink have a clause that they can swap over to the government collecting tolls after they are paid off, will never be “toll free”.

  14. 14
    Mike says:

    Many thanks from this humble commuter.

  15. 15
    enno says:

    “THE first of seven new trains for Melbourne was delivered to the Victorian government yesterday, five months ahead of schedule.”

    Damn ! Missed it by that much.

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