The multi-lingual rhino poster

I quite like these ads:
Rhino (tram) advert

From what I’ve heard, the campaign was originally quite successful, but started to wear off after a few months, so I guess they need to keep revamping it to continue to get the message across.

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7 thoughts on “The multi-lingual rhino poster”

  1. 1
    Roger says:

    I didn’t know rhinos could read, no matter what the language.

  2. 2
    PaulK says:

    I liked the series as well, but this particular one always irked me a bit because there are only 25 rhinos on the poster, but reference is made to 30 of them, what happend to the other 5… did they get hit by a tram. :-)

  3. 3
    Alan Davies says:

    Here are the 25 languages on the poster:

    * Chinese
    * Dutch
    * Filipino
    * French
    * German

    * Greek
    * Spanish
    * Japanese
    * As far as I can tell, Gibberish in Braille
    * Afrikaans

    * Croatian
    * Klingon
    * Arabic
    * Italian
    * Thai

    * Vietnamese
    * Samoan
    * Macedonian (the “J” was the giveaway)
    * Korean
    * Turkish

    * Malay
    * Hindi
    * Serbian
    * Russian
    * English

    (courtesy of Crikey’s language blog, Fully (sic):

  4. 4
    Craig says:

    Out of curiosity- how did you hear “it was quiet successful, but began to wear off”

    I’m just interested to how this is measured- is Yarra Trams looking at number of causalities or something?

  5. 5
    Daniel says:

    @Craig, basically, yes.

  6. 6
    enno says:

    I could identify about 19 of those without looking anything up.

    Klingon ?????? WTF

  7. 7
    malcolm says:

    excellent – I thought that’s what the 2nd across 3rd down was but never got around to confirming it … :)

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