“No … is allowed”

A bit vague, I thought.


What does it mean?

No swearing is allowed?

No Morse code is allowed?

No nothing is allowed?

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8 Replies to ““No … is allowed””

  1. At the right hand side you can see that one of the LED matrix panels has come adrift: which is why that specific row is dead.

    (I won’t ruin the surprise of what the sign *should* say – the one on other side of the intersection gives it away)

  2. @Marcus, yeah the real meaning is not that hard to work out, given the usual context for these signs. Studying the remaining dots carefully does confirm.

  3. It’s someone for who English is a second language, correcting your misapprehension that something is not permitted:
    Me: “I’m not allowed to park here.”
    Manuel: “No, is allowed!”

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