Oh no! Home Interwebs is down

Disaster! No internet at home.

Yesterday iiNet/Netspace had major outage in Victoria. It was eventually fixed, but even after a modem reboot we couldn’t get back online.

Then I noticed the home phone (yes, I still have one of those) was getting no dial tone. My assumption initially was that this was just an unhappy coincidence; I’m unclear as to how a widespread ISP outage would somehow affect a home phone line.

So I rang Telstra, whose call centre person (offshore, I’m assuming, given how scrupulously polite she was) ran through some basic checks before declaring a tech will need to look at the lines on the street.

That will apparently take until Wednesday or Thursday. Sigh.

Netspace support was closed last night by the time I got around to looking at things, but I’ll try and reach them this morning to see if anything can be done from their end.

Until then, apart from limited mobile use, I guess we’re cutoff from the outside world.

Update lunchtime: Got hold of iiNet support; they can’t see a problem that would affect the phone line, but asked me to check the sync light on the modem. Since I’m not at home, they suggested they could ring me back tonight (at 8:39pm to be precise) to go through it with me. Cool.

Update 6pm: Text message from Telstra a couple of hours ago to say all is resolved, and it appears to be so. Woo hoo!

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6 thoughts on “Oh no! Home Interwebs is down”

  1. 1
    roger says:

    I knew smoke signals would make a come back one day.
    You have my sympathy.

  2. 2
    Felix Alexander says:

    Homing pigeons. It’s been an official RFC since 1990: http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc1149.txt

    Combine that with Skype or IP phones, you can have a fully green internet connection, none of these ugly smoke signals.

  3. 3
    PaulK says:

    Hmm, according to ADSL2exchanges.com.au, your most likely local exchange has no DSLAMs owned by iiNET or Netspace, so they are probably leasing them from Telstra. This implies that your internet outage is related to the phone outage, and that its most likely a cable issue – something like a wayward backhoe operator.!!

  4. 4
    Daniel says:

    @Paul, as far as I can see, it says “Chime (Iinet)”; capitalisation aside, it looks like iiNet/Netspace does have a DSLAM there, which in fact matches what I found when looking at ADSL2 back in 2010.

  5. 5
    PaulK says:

    @Daniel, yep, you’re right. I missed it

  6. 6
    enno says:

    Barry Humphries I think it was, was saying what a crap place Bentleigh is. You didn’t miss much.

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