#Myki myths 4: You have to give them your name and address – No, you don’t

Some people seem to be a little paranoid about this: There is no requirement to provide a name and address to get a Myki card. You can buy a full fare Myki card from a vending machine. No details given, using cash or credit/debit/EFTPOS card to pay. You can buy a full fare or concession Myki card from a station booking office or retail outlet, using cash or card to pay. No details giv


Should Metro move driver changeovers out of Flinders Street, and confine drivers to line groups?

Seems the stuff in today's Age to do with moving train driver changeovers out of Flinders Street is a bit controversial. I don't particularly want to discuss it in the myriad of places I've seen people (mostly train drivers, I suspect) leave me comments about it, so I'll do so here instead. From the article: Central to the plan is a proposal to ''decentralise drivers'' by removing the

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Oh no! Home Interwebs is down

Disaster! No internet at home. Yesterday iiNet/Netspace had major outage in Victoria. It was eventually fixed, but even after a modem reboot we couldn't get back online. Then I noticed the home phone (yes, I still have one of those) was getting no dial tone. My assumption initially was that this was just an unhappy coincidence; I'm unclear as to how a widespread ISP outage would somehow affect a


Metro changes to achieve punctuality: good and bad

The Herald Sun reports today that Metro punctuality figures have improved markedly in the last 12 months, including the figure on the Frankston line jumping from 68.4% to 87.1%. Certainly this is due to some changes in the way the trains are run. The question is, are these changes good, or bad? Good: Departing platform 2 Traditionally Melbourne's suburban station platforms are numbered so


Parking promotion: “Why are you still on the train?” Lots of reasons actually.

Someone was handing these out at Flagstaff station the other day. The bloke was in the exit area at ground-level, and was not on the public footpath. If it were Southern Cross station, where the security guards are super-vigilant about this kind of thing, he'd have been moved on unless he had a commercial arrangement with the station operator. (It could be worse; 10ish years the original in


Myki cards can (sometimes) be shared

With little fanfare, there was a change last year to the ticketing rules that appear to allow Myki cards to be shared, so that for instance you can keep one at home to lend to visitors from interstate or overseas, or a company office can keep one handy to lend to employees who don't use PT. It doesn't mean you can let multiple people use a single "fare product", such as a Myki Pass, but for ins


The data mining behind loyalty cards shows just how devious they can be

This interesting article about data mining shows just how devious they can be. For example, a casino: The system collects data each time a gambler uses their casino loyalty card - be it for gambling, purchasing food in the restaurant or paying for snacks from their room minibar - to create a pattern of their behaviour. The system can see, for example, that the last few times Gambler X visite

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New toy: hedgetrimmer

A cheap and cheerful hedgetrimmer, $50 at Bunnings. To be used for occasional trimming of hedges (well duh) in between visits from Andy, my trusty gardener... specifically around the back of the house, where sometimes the hedges grow so fast it feels like the open space in the garden is getting a little smaller everyday. No, I don't plan to go all Edward Scissorhands and do any topiary..

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Sights of Old Melbourne Town – as seen in music videos

Dragon: Are You Old Enough (1978) -- around Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, including the now-gone behaviour of riding the running board on a tram, and a Silvertop taxi back when they really did have a silver top. John Paul Young: Yesterday's Hero (1975) -- around Swanston Street Paul Kelly: Leaps and Bounds -- mostly the Nylex sign, of course Everyone knows this one... AC/DC: It's A Lon