V/Line’s possible timetables circa 2021

Following up my post the other week about proposed possible Metro timetables in 2021... The other thing that's become apparent from the Travel Demand document is how the Regional Rail Link (and the other V/Line routes) could work. Frankly it's a relief they have some idea of how RRL would run, as so far they've been unwilling or unable to articulate what type of services will use the new lin

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Digital TV can sometimes look like crap

Where digital TV really fails is handling lots and lots of moving objects on screen at once. Look at these two grabs from last night's ABC news. In the first, host Ian Henderson is shown. With little moving, the picture is very smooth -- even with the slightly dodgy ABC blue screen. (See it bigger) Now look at the second grab a few seconds later. It's library footage of Melbourne Storm'


Where can I get a strong, durable, compact, light umbrella?

Unbelievable. After less than a year, and less than a-dozen uses, the Shelta umbrella I bought last May has already broken. It's not totally unusable, but structural integrity has been severely compromised. I'll certainly be chasing up the 12 months warranty as soon as I can find the receipt, but in the mean time, what are some more robust alternatives? All I really want is something

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Lest we forget: ANZAC Day 2012

I was passing Bentleigh RSL in early March when I noticed a new sculpture being installed out the front. (The bloke installing looks a tad grumpy...) Nearby on a truck were some more of the figures, ready for installation. The completed sculpture nicely captures representations of all the services. They went with songs to the battle, they were young. Straight of limb, true of eyes,


Frequent services and realtime information. Time to throw away the timetable?

Transport minister Terry Mulder: "We'd like to think we'll get to a stage down the line whereby you can throw the timetable away, and we run ten minute frequencies. I think that's what the community are wanting." Spot on Terry. I've already thrown my timetable away. (Nah, I haven't really.) Frequent services, 7 days-a-week The start of 10-minute services on weekends on three lin

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Idiot of the day

About an hour ago at Highett station: the train to Frankston had just left, and a city-bound train was approaching. This idiot cyclist rode across in front of the city-bound train. The train driver tooted his horn loud and long. The cyclist entered the station, and appeared to want to catch the train -- I'd be surprised if the driver didn't verbally berate the cyclist over the PA.

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Funny mining spoof video

Very funny mining video spoof... cutting that when Mumbrella re-posted it, they got legal threats from coal company Xstrata. They demand that Mumbrella takes the video off Youtube, to which Mumbrella points out: Your note suggests you may misunderstand who has published the video to which you refer. Your demand that the video is removed from YouTube is aimed at the wrong organisati


Mckinnon’s only #Myki reader – queues getting longer

So, let's check back in at Mckinnon station, where the presence of only a single Myki reader on the main platform results in long queues every evening peak hour, as increasing numbers of Myki users wait to touch-off. There's plenty of space to put in additional Myki readers. But it still hasn't happened yet, despite extras going in at the next and previous stations, Bentleigh and Ormond.