Some people do need reminding that you should let people off before barging on yourself, so it makes sense to put some reminders on the trams.
"Please wait for exiting passengers" - Yarra Trams sticker

Unfortunately they’re so high up that few people are likely to even notice them.
"Please wait for exiting passengers" - Yarra Trams sticker

From the looks of it they’ve been placed to be adjacent the internal “rhino” stickers encouraging people to take care when alighting. Perhaps that’s to reduce the clutter on the doors, and maximise visibility when looking out, but it does mean a lot of people won’t spot them.

Happily, on the low-floor trams they’re lower down, and can be seen (particularly when boarding at a platform stop).

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2 thoughts on “Does Yarra Trams think we’re all nine feet tall?

  1. Good one.
    Reminds me of petrol pumps in England. The “bouwser number” is written about 11 feet up the top, so when you’re asked for the number by the cashier you meekly reply you didn’t see it.

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