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5 thoughts on “Drink-driving, anyone?

  1. In defence of Woolies, it is PACKAGED beer they are flogging. So the idea is you take your purchases home and get drunk there. But you do make a good point!

  2. I once saw an American bewildered about the idea of drive-through bottleshops.

    Someone said to him, “As opposed to a normal bottleshop, where you park the car, walk into the shop, come out, put the beer into the car and drive off…?”

    On the other hand, I like the fact that the taboo on drink-driving is so strong we get this kind of reaction!

  3. @Alexander – I don’t know what kind of American you were speaking with, but the part of the US I grew up in has them – they’re called “Brew-Thru”s.

    Have also seen desolate truck stops in the middle of nowhere with giant signs advertising “Cold Beer To Go”.

  4. It makes more sense than a drive-through bank. How are little old ladies supposed to carry 60 kg of beer out of the shop ?

    In the old days, the bottles and cartons were more fragile than they are now.

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