Some operators DO know how to advertise frequent services

I've droned on and on about the importance of frequency in public transport services. I recently pondered why Metro don't promote their every-10-minutes service from Newport via the City to Frankston. Some of the operators do understand that waiting time is critical, and do advertise when they put on extra services, and/or run frequent services. I recently participated at a session a


Why sometimes there’s a constant stream of counter-peak trains

Sometimes it seems there are way more trains running in the counter-peak direction than the peak... particularly towards the end of the morning peak, and before the evening peak. This is because there's little train stabling in the central city area, so most trains have to be sent back to the burbs between the peaks. There used to be heaps of stabling between Flinders Street and Richmond fo


Something missed at PSO training? Stand on the left!

The first Protective Service Officers started duty tonight at Flinders Street and Southern Cross Stations. They may not be the best solution to public transport security, but I'm sure passengers will welcome them, and wish them luck. Yes, PSOs get less training than police. That's because they have more restricted powers (limited to railway stations and surrounds), and more restricted duties (t

Clothes, music


I feel a bit guilty about this: I re-used a costume party costume. See, I was invited to an 80s Movie/Music/Pop-Culture party, and then a Dead Celebrities a couple of weeks later. Given time constraints and the likelihood of few party guests overlapping, I reasoned that I could knock off both with one costume. Someone who had been big in the 80s, but had since passed on. I settled for Freddi

Going green

Yallourn: impressively big, but inefficient

On the way back from Walhalla, we decided (at Peter's suggestion) to go via Yallourn. He said there was a lookout with a good view over the Latrobe Valley, and the power plants, and the road through Yallourn was very close to one of them.. We started off by diverting off the road to a spot called Peterson's lookout. This turned out to be a long narrow dirt road to a view which, you'd have to sa


A weekend camping

It was the culmination of many trips to Aussie Disposals: over the weekend we went camping to Walhalla - just for one night - at my stepfather Peter's suggestion. I haven't been properly camping for almost ten years, and had had to stock up: some more sleeping bags, air-mattresses, a pump, a tent, portable chairs, stronger tent pegs because inevitably the ones you get with the tent bend the fir

Consumerism, transport

Myki machines always round prices up, to the next 10 cents

MX got to this before I blogged it. This issue is around Myki Pass (the equivalent fare to a Metcard Monthly/Yearly, but available for any number from 28 to 365 days). To calculate the Pass cost, you take the Myki Pass per day rate (eg zone 1 $4.02) and multiply by the number of days (eg 31). $4.02 x 31 = $124.62. This is the amount you'll be charged if you buy the fare online using a credit


The Metro emergency gate that wasn’t

I noted this about a month ago. The idea of an emergency gate in the Elizabeth Street subway at Flinders Street Station seemed like a good one, but it seemed doubtful that the automatic release would include the padlock. So I tweeted: Ok. I have my doubts that this emergency exit *padlock* is automatic, @MetroTrains Care to confirm? And Metro replied: @dan