Christmas pics

Here’s a pic of some fools taking a shopping trolley on the escalator at Highpoint, where Marita and I managed to do a surgical strike for last-minute presents, and be back on the tram to her place within 30 minutes, before it got stupidly busy this morning.

Here’s some wrapping paper I bought last week…
Wrapping paper

…and here, with the brightness and contrast adjusted, is kinda what the wrapping paper looks like when in a darkened room. Hmmm.
Wrapping paper in the dark

And finally, here’s my experimental office Christmas photography…
Experiments in office Christmas photography

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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3 Replies to “Christmas pics”

  1. Merry Christmas – thanks for keeping us entertained this year. Also, a great job you are doing for public transport.
    PS Should we be alarmed that one of your (Xmas) balls is green ?

  2. So. many. double. entendres. to. make about the Christmas balls…. must. stop. myself….

    Seriously though I hope you and your family had a good Christmas and I’ll put in an early ‘happy new 2012’ as well.

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