Symmetry and recursion, all thanks to advertising

Thanks to the miracle of advertising, we have a bank on a tram…
Tram with a bank on it

…a tram on a bank…
Tram on a bank

…and a bus stop on a bus stop.
Bus stop on a bus stop

If you’re curious, the bus stop picture is portraying the 811/812 route on “Main Street”.
Bus stop on a bus stop (close-up)

Unfortunately the bus stop in the picture doesn’t appear to have another advert with a bus stop on it. Which means it’s not really recursive.

Happily the bus stop sign is nowhere near as faded as some of them are.

4 thoughts on “Symmetry and recursion, all thanks to advertising”

  1. 1
    mgm says:

    You have way too much time on your hands!

  2. 2
    enno says:

    The bus stop has a curved roof but the one with the waterfall has a flat roof. What does the blue sign on the white van say ?

  3. 3
    Daniel says:

    @enno, you can click on the pic to view it in Flickr, then look at the big size. Direct link:

  4. 4
    mikeys says:

    In order to understand recursion, you must understand recursion

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