How to print your own personalised train/bus/tram timetable

One side of my fridge has my local train and bus timetables on it. It's very handy, and pretty easy to do. Method one (quicker for trains, a little haphazard for buses and trams) 1. Go to 2. In the right hand side Station / Stop search, type the name of your station (or street for trams and buses) and click Go. 3. If more than one option comes up, cl

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My verdict on the Tintin movie

Look! It's Tintin on a bus... And here's Tintin on a tram (and a tram in Tintin)... So anyway, we went to the Tintin movie yesterday -- in 2D, as 3D doesn't work on me. I enjoyed it a lot. They did a good job of recreating the look of Herge, and there were plenty of references to keep Tintin nerds like me entertained. The first half of the movie had a lot of bits of Tintin stories all


Fringe Benefits Tax craziness: driving, going nowhere

The old FBT company car rules resulted in some quite ridiculous outcomes. In fact they still do, because apparently they still apply for existing leases. Basically the rules meant that the further you drive, the less tax you pay. Which means people were strongly encouraged to drive long distances to save money -- often driving for no real reason other than to make it into the next distance brac


Christmas pics

Here's a pic of some fools taking a shopping trolley on the escalator at Highpoint, where Marita and I managed to do a surgical strike for last-minute presents, and be back on the tram to her place within 30 minutes, before it got stupidly busy this morning. Here's some wrapping paper I bought last week... ...and here, with the brightness and contrast adjusted, is kinda what the wrapping


If Myer went totally online, would the Christmas Windows turn into a web site?

Myer will close stores in Victoria and New South Wales and shrink surviving stores in response to the two-speed economy and online shopping. -- Myer to close or shrink stores as retail malaise bites Remembering that Myer Melbourne has already shrunk in size by about half, this isn't a huge surprise. Sounds like some of the smaller stores will be closed. I can't see it happening, but I


Flinders Street Christmas decorations, and coming Myki changes

Apparently there were some delays in getting these decorations up, but now they're in place, I do think they look rather splendid, don't you? (Click here to view bigger) Anybody know if this lights up at night? Myki news In today's news, the Herald Sun reports that from January, Myki cards are to be reduced in price to $6 ($3 concession) and the $9.80 refund fee removed, meaning they

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Records, cassettes, CDs, iTunes

Back in 1995, I wrote as part of my History Of The World: 1964 Beatlemania sweeps the world. Shortly afterwards, electronics companies devise a fifty year plan to get people to buy all their favourite music many times over, by introducing new recorded music technology every decade. This works until the 1990s, when, due to a tactical miscalculation, everyone is perfectly happy with their CDs.


Myki’s “headless” mode

This is Myki's "headless mode". It's the Myki driver console, but temporarily shifted into a spot out of the way, while tram and bus drivers (in Melbourne) continue to use the Metcard consoles instead. (You can just see the old console at the top of the picture.) It means drivers currently have no interaction with the Myki equipment. Some of the consequences of this are: Bus driver

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Crime and punishment

The barber the other day was having a rant about crime (as well as a number of other issues), and claimed that white-collar criminals almost always get caught (specifically, he reckoned they get caught 95% of the time), but muggers and others who commit crimes against the person almost never get caught (he reckoned 95% of the time get away with it). It sounded pretty unlikely, and frankly I was

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Get well soon, Molly

Music industry legend Molly Meldrum has undergone surgery overnight to relieve swelling on his brain after he fell from the roof while putting up Christmas decorations at his Richmond home. -- Bedside vigil as Meldrum fights for life I reckon for most Australian Gen-Xers with an interest in music, Molly Meldrum is just someone who's always been there, as host of Countdown, then later on Hey