Are these Modern Warfare: Call of Duty 3 “Captain Price” USB drives, sent out as part of Movember, really “limited edition”, or are there eleventy-billion of them out there?

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" USB drive for Movember

Although I’d normally subscribe to the view that one can always use another USB drive, I’m wondering… would any of you MWCOD fans pledge a donation to Movember to buy it?

It’s still wrapped in plastic, and with a little box it came in. I’ll cover the postage to anywhere in Australia. Click here to see it bigger.

Anybody interested? What am I bid? (Leave an email address if you want it.)

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3 thoughts on “Movember: any Modern Warfare/Call Of Duty fans want a limited edition USB drive?

  1. The Modern Warfare: Call of Duty 3 “Captain Price” USB drives have a 4Gb (four gigabyte) capacity, enough to store over a thousand photographs of moustaches. One for the search engines.

  2. They must be limited edition or at least Movember has alimited number because I just clocked over the donation threshold to be eligible for one of these and it is now listed as “Sorry, this reward is no longer available.”

    Damn, missed out.

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