Movember day 4 – finally something to see

Now there’s some serious stubble emerging.

Movember day 4

I really have no idea which style of mo’ I should be going for, nor really any idea about how I achieve this. (Trimming them is not something I have any experience of.)

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4 Replies to “Movember day 4 – finally something to see”

  1. Do you plan to keep it beyond the end of Movember? You probably won’t have enough for any of those “styles”; even the simplest is two or three months’ growth for me.

    And if you’re not dedicated to growing this style or that, well, you’ll probably trim it back to your lip, otherwise it gets annoying when it slips into mouth when you’re eating and you start chewing it. I’m told this is just a temporary phase, but I haven’t got past it yet.

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