5 thoughts on “A few pics for Thursday”

  1. 1
    OzSoapbox says:

    Lol what was the Pacman thing about?

  2. 2
    Louise says:

    That’s Kevin! Usually when he’s around there is free stuff to be had…where was he?? Earlier this year he was giving out free Aussie Open tickets…

    Actually, now that I’ve had a second look, I see a Glick’s in the background, so I can have a guess!

  3. 3
    Daniel says:

    @Oz, I really don’t know. You’ll note there was a second ghost not fully in costume.

  4. 4
    enno says:

    So that poster for “Goddess” opening soon.. is that the show within the show from the movie “Showgirls” ?

  5. 5
    Kath Lockett says:

    We’ve unfortunately been made to worship at the ‘temple of Gorm’ far too often this year. So much so that visitors (also expats who have visited the site) can walk in and exclaim, “Oh so you got the klippan and the expedit as well, hey?”

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