This year, I’m doing Movember

I’ve not been organised early enough previously to do Movember, but this year, I’ve signed-up.

For those unaware, Movember is an annual event when blokes grow moustaches to raise money for charities, chiefly associated with men’s health and mental health. One starts off cleanshaven on November the 1st, then starts growing the moustache, for sponsorship.

I was inspired somewhat by some of the old photos of my dad, who during the 70s and 80s, often sported a mo’.

This is not the first time I’ve dabbled in the area of facial hair. Many moons ago I tried growing a beard. I didn’t like it; never got used to the itching. That may be a problem again.

Of course in my typical net.obsessed way, you can expect daily updates as the mo’ develops.

Donate here: My Movember page

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2 Replies to “This year, I’m doing Movember”

  1. I’m joining the ranks this year to. Unfortunately I think my main problem will not be itchiness, but rather ridicule for looking like my mo’ has been growing for four days by November 30.

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