Why a Z-class tram was used for the Queen’s visit

A lot of people have asked why a Z-class tram was chosen for the Queen's tram ride (rather than Melbourne's traditional and iconic W-class, for instance). Here's the answer: W and A-class trams don't have handrails in the middle of the doorways, which can be a big help for older people. B-class trams do, but they may not have wanted to take a high-capacity tram (or two; they had a spare) o


Australia’s airport trains and buses compared

I've done a quick comparison of the main airport to CBD public transport in Australia's biggest cities. Brisbane and Sydney have trains at premium fares. Perth and Adelaide have normal route buses. Melbourne has a premium bus. CityMELSYDBNEADLPER ModeBusTrainTrainBusBus Distance (km)23813613 Travel time2010232338 Peak freq107151515 Off-peak freq1010301530 Weekend fr

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Yarra Trams – by appointment

Maybe after tomorrow, this could be the new Yarra Trams logo? Update Wednesday 6:30pm: There you go, here's my best pic of the Queen in the tram. Not great I know; she was on the opposite side and facing the other way. Lots of pics at The Age and Herald Sun. Most amusing: Channel 9 had footage that showed during the Queen's ride, the royal tram got a Fleet Operations PA message ab


Flagstaff Stn and William St pedestrian/passenger congestion needs fixing

This is Flagstaff station yesterday at 8:50am. It's not a once-off occurence, but happens regularly. As patronage has grown at Parliament and Melbourne Central, more gates have gradually gone in... fitting more in at Flagstaff is probably a challenge, but one that will have to be looked at, perhaps in conjunction with the conversion from Metcard to Myki gates in the next year or so. But


This year, I’m doing Movember

I've not been organised early enough previously to do Movember, but this year, I've signed-up. For those unaware, Movember is an annual event when blokes grow moustaches to raise money for charities, chiefly associated with men's health and mental health. One starts off cleanshaven on November the 1st, then starts growing the moustache, for sponsorship. I was inspired somewhat by some of the

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Brisbane day 6 – heading home

Thursday 6th October Alas, the day came to depart Brisbane and head back home. Perhaps it's inevitable these days that travelling interstate pretty much requires setting aside most or all of the day just for the journey. I suppose it's a consequence of modern air travel, which requires getting to and from airports, and lengthy check-in times. (Plus my preference for flights at civilised time


Coles vs Woolworths… Why pay $10 when you can pay… $9.88?!

The supermarket war of Coles versus Safeway/Woolworths has heated up, with roast chicken. First, Coles went to $10. ...then Safeway/Woolworths struck back with... $9.88. These posters were prominently displayed en masse around the Bentleigh Woolworths last night. "Why pay $10" "Only $9.88"? TWELVE CENTS DIFFERENCE? Or to put it in percentage terms, Woolies are 1.2% cheape

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Myki “hacking”, and jumping at shadows – DON’T PANIC!

Some people got just a little too hysterical last week when news of a security vulnerability in Myki came out. The story broke on Monday, but it wasn't until Wednesday that the mainstream media got hold of it, with the Melbourne Times running it first, spreading rapidly to The Age, AAP, 3AW and others -- and along the way a good deal of misinformation came into play: MORE than 1.1 million My