“Oh no! Maybe the Genius Bar can fix it.”

Apple tribe

Picture from Channel 7’s Sunday Night story about the Suruwaha tribe of Brazil.

Anybody got any better caption ideas?

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7 Replies to ““Oh no! Maybe the Genius Bar can fix it.””

  1. Or maybe: “It says: ‘clicking save will overwrite a newer version of this document, do not proceed unless this is what you intend’ and it has ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. What the hell do I do?”

  2. Hi,
    This is the 21st century, we have exposed you to untold future horrors for the amusement of the channel 7 viewing public.

  3. Well, some may say we were a little overeager in selling our stuff on ebay to fund it, but getting unlimited broadband was worth the expense.

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