A year since Dad left us

It’s a year today since Dad passed-away.

It’s got easier to deal with and think about as the months have passed. Life goes on. But yes, today (and on the 7th, which would have been his 80th birthday), I did find myself in contemplation.

Doubly so when a $7 refund cheque for him for a cancelled utility arrived recently.

His influence is still felt, and he is remembered fondly.

As my sister said so much more eloquently than I:

A year goes by quickly. Hope you are getting in good reading in the great library in the sky, Dad.

(21/8/2010: The funeral)

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2 thoughts on “A year since Dad left us”

  1. 1
    roger says:

    yes, those anniversaries are always sad. Do you see any of your father in your kids (eg mannerisms or behaviour)?

  2. 2
    ShireDan says:

    My farther passed away about 2 years ago and I find myself wondering what he would have thought about current world events, he was an avid follower of the news and papers. Perhaps he’s still watching things with interest :-)

    All part of lifes rich pagent but sad all the same.

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