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A year since Dad left us

It's a year today since Dad passed-away. It's got easier to deal with and think about as the months have passed. Life goes on. But yes, today (and on the 7th, which would have been his 80th birthday), I did find myself in contemplation. Doubly so when a $7 refund cheque for him for a cancelled utility arrived recently. His influence is still felt, and he is remembered fondly. As my sis

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An end to secret tramways business

One day in 2008, Marita and I went to a party, and I blogged about the trip there on mysterious tram route number 7. I concluded: In my book, in most cases the secret numbers shouldn’t be used. If a tram is travelling along a substantial part of the route, it might as well use the same route number. Most people won’t care that it doesn’t make it quite all the way. Or it could use a suffix such