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News-junkies’ summary of TV news bulletins

I was thinking that for news junkies like me, it'd be nice to have a quick reference to when it's possible to tune into a news bulletin on free-to-air television. With ABC News 24, this is easier than ever before, but in fact there are numerous times when other channels air substantial (10+ minutes) bulletins when ABC News 24 is showing other things, such as The Drum. I've included shows like T

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Lunch on the Restaurant Tram

It was actually a present from my last birthday: a lunch on the Restaurant Tram. Boarding was at 1pm sharp near the casino. Presumably they don't like to hold up service trams coming from St Kilda or Port Melbourne. It was a fleet of three out for lunch, and we were told to board the front car, number 4. (I can't quite read the photo, but the records indicate it was MMTB 938, first in service i

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If Melbourne didn’t have trams, would every CBD street look like Lonsdale Street?

Here's something to ponder... If Melbourne didn't have trams anymore, would every CBD street look like Lonsdale Street? (Seen on Twitter recently: "Lonsdale St is the scariest, least bike friendly St in CBD. Discuss.") PS. Lunchtime: I'd just note that I deliberately chose Lonsdale Street over the (arguably more attractive) Exhibition or Queen Streets because I would think that if the


Dear retailers, when prices are 60% cheaper offshore, GST won’t save you

Tough talk from the retailers, who continue to demand GST be applied to all purchases. It's rubbish of course. 10% GST is not why people are shopping online. Let's take the example of my last Amazon UK order, which I placed when the AU dollar was at its height, about two weeks ago. Book: Neil Gaiman's "Neverwhere". UKP 4.46 (AU $6.96). Cheapest AUD price (via Booko, looking only at Aust

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They’re not Smart Meters anymore, they’re Advanced Meters

They finally installed a new electricity meter at my house. This was after receiving three sets of letters saying "we're about to install it". It wasn't one of those much-criticised allegedly-defective Smart Meters though -- oh no, it was an Advanced Meter. So much better. Will be interested to see what effect it has on the next power bill.