Why yes, my neighbours are Magpies supporters

Why yes, my neighbours are Magpies supporters.

The Magpies next door

Footy’s back. I got 7/8 for round 1… hopefully I can keep it up and win back the ugly trophy.

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3 thoughts on “Why yes, my neighbours are Magpies supporters”

  1. 1
    Roger says:

    You can’t have! Did you get 6.5 or 7.5??

  2. 2
    Paul says:

    According to footytips.com.au I got 8/8 because they give a ‘win’ to both teams for a draw. However 2,294 other punters also managed an 8/8.

  3. 3
    Louise of SA says:

    Oh, has the football started???

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