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I had intended for us to do regular bush walks this year, as part of getting fitter and burning off some flab. We did one, at the You Yangs, in January. We did the walk up to Flinders Peak to admire the view and get the heart pumping. Turns out the park was damaged during […]


Quick review of the new Metro timetables

So, the new Metro timetables are out, and those of us with geeky tendencies have been poring over them. (As one journo commented, it must take a special kind of person to work on these things for months on end.) Here’s my summary: In the west Altona Loop trains originate at Laverton, meaning a lot […]

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So, apparently Ponting’s stepping down

Not much chance of missing this news.

Politics and activism

Don’t just complain. Take action.

(Pic originally posted in October. Accompanying Facebook group.) No doubt this will sound familiar to those who are active in voluntary advocacy groups: “I DEMAND TO KNOW WHY YOUR GROUP OF OVERWORKED VOLUNTEERS, WHICH I AM NOT A MEMBER OF, IS NOT PURSUING MY PERSONAL GRIEVANCE.” I suspect many people have a genuine grievance, but […]


Why yes, my neighbours are Magpies supporters

Why yes, my neighbours are Magpies supporters. Footy’s back. I got 7/8 for round 1… hopefully I can keep it up and win back the ugly trophy.


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-26

Nice that Webber observed Bolte Bridge speed limits, but surely driving the wrong way on it was a much bigger no-no? # They say the supermoon is only 1% bigger in southern hemisphere. I reckon that might be right. Big, but not spectacularly so. # Gosh, how exciting. Letter says they're filming a soap powder […]

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There’s at least a dozen ways to save our petrol

Marita was telling me about an ad from the 70s telling people to save petrol. I had absolutely no recollection of it, but sure enough, Mr Youtube had it… What a cracker! I couldn’t figure out why they made the cartoon people nude, but a comment suggested it was to grab people’s attention. Perhaps I […]


At last, escalator signage

Years ago there were “Stand on left / Walk on right” signs on the escalators at Melbourne’s underground stations. They disappeared about ten years ago. While regulars know the etiquette, newbies and occasional users don’t, which causes frustration for those in a rush, particularly outside peak hours when the escalators (for some reason) run at […]

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Time to go shopping

Both my digital camera and my electric shaver are on their last legs, in need of replacement. I don’t think either has done too badly. The Canon A70 camera was bought in April 2003, and from memory cost me about $600 at the time. The technology has got better and cheaper, and I expect a […]


A 4WD actually used for 4WDing

I’m not the world’s biggest fan of four wheel drives, but it’s nice to see one that’s obviously used for its intended purpose, rather than just cruising around the suburbs. It appears to be real mud, not those stick-on blobs you hear about.