13 thoughts on “The new Myer

  1. Rob

    It’s a very impressive space, now they just need to do something about the Lonsdale Street frontage. It’s quite beautiful, but they have painted everything in one colour, including the windows.

  2. Nathan

    Are the upper floors open yet? I’ve been up to level 4 but the rest wasn’t open yet.

    Meanwhile what is going to happen to the Lonsdale store? They’ll have to shut it eventually… which is going to reduce people walking through myer quite a lot (and David Jones as well!).

  3. Nathan

    Daniel you need to allow editing of comments lol. The upper floors are now open though it appears some areas are inaccessible. The new Home Entertainment/PC area is pretty impressive, though the same prices means I’m unlikely to ever buy anything there. Some gorgeous views of the Post Office Clock though.

  4. Alan Laz

    Phillip, the entire Lonsdale Street store, the old DJ Home Store, Henry Frances chemist building and that wierd shop on Little Bourke Street which sold mens shoes are all being knocked down by the friendly folk who run and part own Chadstone, Colonial First State, so that they can build the Melbourne Emporium, a son of Chadstone which will sit between Myer and Melbourne Central.

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