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New television?

I’ve been thinking for a while about updating my television (a 68cm Loewe CRT, non-widescreen, analogue) to a shiny new digital number. People who know more about this stuff than I suggested I look at Samsung’s offerings. I know I’ve had two Samsung computer monitors for years which haven’t missed a blip, so I took […]


Christmas is over

Christmas must be over. Reason 1: Dead Christmas trees on the nature strip Reason 2: Hot cross buns in the supermarket… just in time, only four three and a half months before Easter. Speaking of the supermarket, it does seem like trolley retention rates are increasing since they started wanting a gold coin deposit… so […]


Myki: Mostly works

Further to the post on whether Myki should be scrapped or not and taking the lead from others online, here’s a quick video of my interactions with Myki over the past 24 hours. I missed a couple: the touch-on on the bus because I had to run for it and didn’t have time to get […]


Mini for Christmas

Marita may never own a car (she doesn’t need one), but she likes (new) Minis. Always spots them on the road. So I got her one for Christmas. Well, for a day. Hertz offer them as part of their “fun collection“, so I reserved one and went along on Wednesday to pick it up. Despite […]